Fishing Trips Offered

If there is a trip that is not listed that you are interested in, please submit an inquiry, I can customize any freshwater trip for you.


Small Mouth Bass

I offer a smallmouth bass fishing trips up and down the world famous penobscot river. These trips are great for beginners and experts alike. These fish fight harder than almost everyother freshwater species pound for pound. I provide all the necessary gear as well as lunch and drinks for full day trips. The average fish is in the 12-16 inch range, with many exceeding 18 inches and 4 pounds. We have plenty of days that are between 60-100 fish.

Full Day for 2 people (6 hours) - $400.00

Full Day for 3 people (6 Hours) - $450.00

Half Day for 2 people (3.5 Hours) - $300.00

Half Day for 3 people (3.5 Hours) - $350.00


Wading for Salmon and Trout

Wade trips are full day adventures and are fly fishing only. Maine has many beautiful rivers that offer up some quality brook trout and landlocked salmon. I mainly fish the East Outlet of the Kennebec river and Grand Lake Stream. I provide all of the gear with the exception of waders and other clothing items. We will spend the day on the river hitting many different holes and using a variety of techniques. I will prepare a shore lunch and typically will brew a pot of coffee when its cold in the spring. Maine has some great hatches the take off the entire month of June and again into the fall.

Full Day for 2 people - $450.00 (Includes Transportation)

More fun Trips!


Spend the day chasing these toothy critters! Hook one of these and you are in for a good fight. Maine has many lakes that offer up the chance at large fish. I have everything you need to chase these tricky fish. Lunch is provided on full day trips. Both fly and spin fishing is available.

Full Day (2 people) - $400.00

Half Day (2 people) - $300.00

Additional $50.00 for 3rd person



Panfish are very fun to catch, especially on light weight fly tackle. These trips often involve large numbers of fish throughout the day, with the ability to catch many different species. The best time of the year is May and June, but can be fished for year round. All of the gear is provided with a lunch and drinks during full days.

Full Day (2 people) - $400.00

Half Day (2 people) - $300.00


Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is great way to get outside during the winter months and take in some much needed sun. I offer a few different options for ice fishing trips, from family friendly adventures to the more extreme excursion days. I have all of the gear that is needed to be successful on the ice, as well as the gear needed to stay warm. We fish out of either a portable ice house or a more permanent version, both with propane heaters. These are fun days, with good food, good fish and a new experience for many. Please submit an inquiry with the details of the trip you are looking for and I can customize the trip to your needs.